The ending of a word and a letter

The ending of a word and a letter



La terminaison des mots


Who am I

Young author, it is with great pleasure that I share with you my first readings of words.

I am the first letter of the motor alphabet and the last of the spoken syllabics.

This means clearly the conjunction of two coordinates extending to a thousand km around.

This is how I introduce myself to you in order to find common ground between you and me.

It is with simplicity and method that I create the rows of mimosas. Meaning to integrate a stone and make it a multitude to see far.

It is a delight to have you close to me as from afar.


These chapters are the form of the anterior excess of the transformation of the consonant Y.

We are talking about the final solution of the destruction of the self. It is the dislocation of the personality seen in several subjects or anal.

This book deals with the providence of the consultation of the consolidation of the presence X.

We are going to evoke these paths taken in the undulation of our personality as much of words as of discernment, each speaking of his weather forecast.

We are approaching a great turnaround taken by simple opposite giving each the meaning of their own project.

This shows how the simplification of a character or a word becomes the whole of social cohesion, from the writing to the din of the letter.

We have evoked each term and each signaling as a salient fact, asking for restraint in the consideration of concentration, because this is of our own value first, chapter one, and of the position of the sucker being the missing character of a value opposing the other.

We summarize this as an entire disposition of the planets translating as a striking fact, a fact peculiar to each character of the individual.

We wrote these chapters in order to consolidate the front as the back shop summoning us not to use his characters as a deaf and dumb practice because each word is the look the touch the exclusivity of the person in bold characters.