The ending of a word and a letter

The ending of a word and a letter


La mort pour la vie

death for life

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What is the Hadiths or it is said that or he said that?

They are compositions of verses exposed to the sun. We explain this enthusiasm for translating facts relating to defendants being proliferators of given words. These excrements resemble correspondence informers. We note this phenomenon having started during an encounter with a passenger taking the road to go and eat a cheese and naming it a delicacy at the sight of his palate. This character is a conference of retrospectives directed like dirigible balloons ready to explode to live or not! is called the cat in the gutter. Why we explain it thus because the tradition wants to name a steward in accordance with the precepts heard evoked in certain circumstances. We understand the report of the misadventure of some. We then repeat a few words being an index of attenuating circumference and forcing the chasm to open. We also call her the farmer's wife, why? Given the surroundings, the context leads to discussions fomented by the ending of a word. This indicates how the cheese was made and how everyone shared in different areas. We bring this back to the principle of good for you! Because according to the comment or we see the precipice or the destination so we think how to elucidate the problem of understanding. So one day when the rain kept falling endlessly, a very educated gentleman announced how the day after will be. He said according to what he learned or heard saying: "I tell you a very important thing, according to my diary, I deduce that this day will be a Monday is the earliest written letter correspondence testimony and I add that was my coffin and assuredly he openly told it to me that I will have time to warn anyone of this radiant and perfectly stipulated named time within the interior of this one. Moreover I simply add the fact of announcing amounts to saying "I knew but I did not say anything" according to my coffin I would be in a park surrounded by children looking for their parents "What connection with the rain? "The coffin told me, the rain is a phenomenon of meeting besides warning the parents not to lose their children because the coffin told me the rain is a mark of frequentation called a virtuous path or a path of opening in the beginning of another day. The coffin said and it's true! Why parents need to be careful, just one thing I understood the cycle of welcome and I understood that the rain announced the day after without the parents. “How can we believe you are talking to a coffin, you know what knows! “Obviously, I know that a dead person cannot speak, but the coffin can because it is outdated and no longer looks its age the day after. »How do I not understand your reasoning? Of course you do not understand me but I repeat it to you the coffin told me! A day of incessant rain told me what happened the next day. "Is it a reincarnation?" No you don't understand me, I don't speak to the dead. I am simply explaining to you that in the current circumstances we will see rain We are seeing rain but this rain does not stop. You agree, from the coffin I understood the title of the book the next day. »Ok are you kidding us?« According to my diary I transcribed a sentence indicating how I was able to speak with the coffin, simply that day it was raining I was wet and in my head I was thinking quietly about my sentence which was, why did you leave the children in the park? And why aren't you responsible? Why did you chip the skate at the entrance to the house? Why are you making up stories you do on purpose to forget the children? I didn't leave the children and I didn't not on purpose but, I repeat it is the fault of the coffin the other says the coffin does not speak yes but I tell you that it is the coffin certainly the day after will be the 9th century of the coffin. I will be there or right? If the coffin says yes then I'll be there! The coffin told me I think the day after and the 20th book buried. So you'll be there! I'm reassured if the coffin said so c is that he does not lie and moreover he goes through the ages so I am sure he is telling the truth. If the coffin says not seen not taken. It's not my fault I wrote it down so it reassures me not to see it so the next day I'll be there”. So this gentleman told us how a spasm can deepen just a given word because emotion gives us revolutions and this feeling us to find a hasty dialogue, interpreting the moment of a precise moment. This gentleman has programmed a simulator of unpredictable emotion to flesh out his moment with a precise moment. He imagined his death seeing himself in the coffin starting to tell the space in which he was thinking he was dead measuring the rain time of the words of the guests of the funeral and added the words of the priest. Hearing how the parents came or not, if the children are there it is the day after, if it is the parents then they have forgotten the children so here is the theme developed by this gentleman This reasoning is a proliferation of condition, evolving in a closed circle. These spasms recall the animal context of the human being seeking answers in a deeply unstable and completely disordered state and making the person very worried and at the same time filled with periodic sequence of misinterpreted emotion but told of an imagined vice of form and revolutionary. This encourages the torment of meeting someone, but this someone becomes part of the agenda. So he starts talking about belly and he becomes the other's ventriloquist so he insists on having lived this moment being imagined not lived but simply retirement above all, the rest we will see. So certainly this context is a huge voluntary grasping the known truth doubling speed adding the numbers and this context becomes the pun of the roundabout. paper said certainly we will have recap regarding dirt road.Paper said, how long used blank pages.Paper said, we consume enclosed space but spacing contracts saying how long it will be seen. The paper said, it will be for 9 months of the past year N-1 The paper said, certainly if I volunteer it will be a weekday. What are you talking about, I understand the missionna ire answer: I conceive that you do not understand but I find your attitude abject to give me indifference. Why do you say that? I do not understand what you are talking about. Listen to the paper said, the price you want !Why, I'm for saleYou don't understand simply said the paper, tomorrow will be the last, yesterday will be the first, tomorrow will be today.The paper said, yesterday I recognized the sandal that you lost it's the first to find it. Tomorrow I'll bring it to you. So tomorrow will be your last day. Hold on ! Why twice tomorrow? The paper told me for sure if you have good shoes normally you will be the last one asked for a break because it was the beginning and the middle of your life. The paper said, for sure I am a storyteller but properly spoken by you. So the paper is certain of what it said, you on the other hand are you certain that your word will always be alive and full of echoes. You think I don't have a voice? The paper said how many shoes did you lose? And how many shoes do you wear? Depending on your shoe size, I'll tell you how we can write it on paper. Good idea, how is it up to you to prove that you have a word? we concluded him and I, a Thursday market because it is the place where the leaves are empty but become the silencer of your disc repeated always incessantly. Do you understand? Here we have told two facts differently but these facts are identical when understanding this one. These two reasonings are puns, each becoming the same story told differently. You understand the feeling of being extra vigilant when on the other's path because ultimately the the hadiths where he or she said are dread locks filled with hope and despair saying he said what the other and him he said what and she said what etc... Do you understand why simulating an action does not mean :She will be there, tomorrow today or tomorrow etc. The hadiths are movers uncertain of their destination so he dreams and dictates their conduct irreversibly in some cases. This is a cautionary reflection. Take care of yourself !

death for life

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Politics 1

What is politics?

We have emitted water retentions being craters of composition H. We are beginning a rather relaxed chapter and at the same time an element of the inactive consciousness of the H revolution. We are going to give you a probative element of the animal condition. replicas of the modernization of mental health. We are firmly fighting for intramural parking conditions. This fact is told when the explosion was heard. We have seen a progress of the abdominal solution. triggered a facial recognition terminal. So this continuity establishes a new order of organic vegetal constellation. We are correspondents of the breathed and authenticated greenery of great permeability. This leads to an external cavity reasoning. On the other hand the radiations lined up being relief beams, serving to label the pages of the milky voice. So much complacency, stretched rhythms of vagal sleep, it imagines of a kind of compass starting to turn in a middle ground. We imagine this crater discovered, 2000 years ago reflecting the comparison of identical and transcendental form. Then the consumption of the conosphere became identified with a network extended path of discontinuous and associative point in its element of comparison so as to undo the diversion of consciousness. We add this phenomenon is a nominative kind of the animal condition. We tell you about the exodus from the cart before the horse. This is a wireless guitar chord or signaling of the source in its path from the slingshot. This explains how the device landed on a wasteland so we are happy to let you know and share it with you. We say it as a decision to say the pros or cons but always statements causing disparities in the medieval horizontal curve meaning intersecting, we call it the candidate of attractive resonance and complete the slender footage of the wire erected in a pitched battle and snapped outline, explaining the depth of the comma space or the place of the tunnel. So we say it in order to delight you with mysteries not understood or explained in its animal form. We come back to this journey to tell you about it. .Why ? Listen to this geographical shape of the planisphere reflecting the position of the paragraph underlined in green telling how the outcome was triggered. We operated the operation of the uncertainty of a given moment of frying placed on four fires forming a terrible shambles of ideas conceived without warning approached as a definition of the spoken song. Or a dividend of lost or deformed grapes .This concerns qualities of troubadours bringing a new sound or an evaluation of trigonometry. Simply these reasons are constructed by a windbreaker imagining an emergency exit. So how to explain this terrible path of unconscious or sleeping knowledge. .We still say the reputation of an oval-shaped articulated contingent or group.This reasoning stems from the cart before the horse and recounts the release of a film in its concentrate offering several opinions but still some concealment of protons not digested. This will seem crazy to you, but it is the term of the time machine. It is really a very rich subject in its legal and acrobatic cache. We add you some facts of geometric consciousnesses in its form of the continuity of the hidden dissidence of the earth's crust. It is an abdominal and mathematical region phenomenon. We remember some slope formed by oblique symmetry of the oval shape. This is explained by a reform of the earth layer having become an A4 format and a replica of the printer. It is told as a news item but adding formal links supporting the divergence of a film not composed but defined in its oval shape. We tell you this epic of the outer awareness of the acoustic resonance of water retention. Here is a reason to the toilet because the personification of the reasoning was added to the conscience. We really see the definition of a given path having several exits and who will have found the path. This is the reasoning of the preconceived but informal idea. We support this subject because it is an appearance of the consumer society. It is a phenomenon of the vault buried in its compost seeking to regain the earth by the transport networks appearing as the vessels of transparency, of audio-visual infirmity. induction of an intermittent burner. It is the conception of a left reverse being from the right and a lowness of the earthly layer. It is a bit like a figure of speech looking for a taker to lengthen the pleasure of identify with that one. It is a character of the Merovingian principle of planetary alignment. It is a constitution of reality in the imaginary like a tulip blooming among the poppies. proxy has become the intermediary identifying the runny nose. This principle is the thermal shock of two planets in the figurative sense. So ultimately this subject is an endorsement of the edited sung word under blown gas breaths. It is the principle of the empty bottle becoming the valued character as it has an articulated elemental source dimension. Balfour statement. This is an example of plant animal density. It is a figuration of a point being named the statutory of a good composed of fecal matter. is a lamppost of accentuated underlines in its runny nose.It really is a well-defined theory of animal society.It is a vanguard of paragliding being like a book but in the first page we see the consonant in their allegory of heart rate meaning the proton of the abdominal region. We continue to explain it to you in its oval form and more deeply in its sphere.
We tell you see you soon.

death for life

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politics 2

what is politics

We are going to imagine a crossing of the time machine. It is an explicit farandole being a continent developed like a dismantled coral on all sides revealing scars, in other words completely chipped from the inside. We see a lot of difference on this because automation has become a benchmark for inciting debauchery. is the moment lived but opposed to oneself meaning assured a path but the order becomes a thunder of missed appointments. It is also a form of abdication simply the work is the element given without legal value. We explain the misadventure of a chaplain being alone against all being the spearhead of each. These moments have become volcanoes of energies vomited in a wasteland. It is also the charm of stature but lacking in direct style or invoking images hammered by deliberate cuts. It is a great pleasure to dissect it with you. We hope for a cordial and non-subjective understanding. It is an opportunity to give you elements which were missing in your imprecise dialogues, not in conformity with the impressionist. We have dialogued with certain on this subject and we discovered a gigantic construction site with always open windows, never of details given on such subject. So we tell you about this journey of the indicative without the driving license. It's a denomination of the game console. It's a terrible abdominal solution comfort but never do we find the end of a candidate full to bursting, it's always the decadence of a system approached as a missing daily work of ancestral light finding no real track or leading to a result of Reunionese form. Why because this principle is a circumference agreement fed by the first solution. That is to say bring a new element being the supplement of the first given. How to imagine a turn being made without wave or collision but a momentum of speed contained and in an attractive way like terrestrial attraction for example. This must be appropriate for the speech of the path given in the confrontation of two suspended trying to reach the end but really this tortoise path unscrews all the hats therefore admits errors lived without being it. “BEING IN ADDITION”. It is recognizing a square and confessing to it how the transformation will be in the future time of yesterday. It is to bring proposals blown by possible points of interior nomination. therefore the main actor laughs madly. It is to find the crossroads in its left exit. Politics is the domain of a degraded material comfort of geographical form opposing the foundation but bringing mountains of moments discovered by its own consciousness, we will call it obtuse consciousness because it becomes distorted, the more time stagnates the more the form becomes always opposed to the direction of the other. Next round!

death for life

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Politics 3

What is politics?

We assess a risk of implosion of unengaged continents unheard by millions of orbs. We consider our approach as the kaleidoscopes entitled the small touch of the brush. We rule for a balance infused with special materials. We see unity as a return to square one. We want to customize the way to express a value as an acoustic direction of the opposite value. We assess this risk because it recommends an underestimated value becoming the square root of an indivisible number. We listen to this psalm carefully and we consider this characteristic of the oblique value of the square root. You are going to tell us what this gibberish is! Well we're just saying hearing is validating the excess of the whole minority translating like snow filled mountains becoming heavy and adorning the look of a huge audio cassette making its music so you can talk about the audible voice of relationship on four ports. Or we say to evaluate the moments of their speeches and we see how the symbolic Delta of the organized matter of the worn diaphragms of the organic matter of the whole seen by a part of the other shore therefore this generates superimposed solutions not exact because the minority depends on the delta of latitude 0. We evoke this because it is an empty space elaborating psalms of matrix slope of added correspondence because the space in which it is located does not react to the sound heard only phonetically or to spell. So the elaboration of this theme is the suspension bridge so difficult to access without stolen emotions or interpreted as the ear hears it not as the instinct of the moment. It is approximately the order of the difference of two paths, one low and the other high, which is normal in the overview but abnormal in its ventricular space. It is in other words because the dissonance of the delta conforms to an accusation of empty space. We add the fact of speaking politics is often phases of restructuring of the abdominal region. Do you understand ? What question would you like to address and we will answer in order to send you the pascal of the absorption of ventricular communication or we will say discussed in a dirt road where the surroundings are absolutely silent so it leads to a wobbly and very embarrassing vacuum to activate the effect sound of a space. We manufacture obsolete endometry meaning to adulate for a moment and become the adulation of space without guessing how the regeneration of the orbs becomes a roundabout where the senses of sight become distraught because the paths are multiple therefore impossible to find the exit the generator of movement of form therefore this excludes a lot of identity from the sung word. So understand the very constructive meaning of the opposite to the opponent so it is a heavy lifting refrain without the ability to illustrate the hearing of its heterogeneous space to sight. One without the other is not the solution nor the path of the orbs. So this leads to a collapse of the orthoptist company because the eyes both become opposites of themselves. So we are waiting for the questions and we will try to answer them as clearly as an orb. Goodbye.

death for life

Attribute Explanation

Who is John the Baptist?

We are going to tell you the story of this person telling an exodus of people in search of a single god, a single land or the tunic, a unique universality like the tunic of the Holy Shroud of Turin. This epic tells the artificial intelligence of a time resolved in its unique destination. Then a prelude to Prévert's song was looming. a very eloquent subject of these wind instruments.These instruments are differences of unique fragrance.These hosts are notices issuing welcome passports.This time explains how a character with a big heart was born.It is a story of simple people become distant horizons. This explains the time of facial wailing. We explain it with simple words like opening of the red sea. It is also a cerebral communication operation between heaven and earth. It is a torrent of mules standing in single file. We explain this passage Thus. It is an objection of life on land on sea.Jean brought us a treat from his prelude to the night.It is a poplar of the astronomical cover.Jean discovered the sign of the imperfect beginning to speak l 'Aramean with his other companions from the stable of the nativity. This one called the fat character of the individual struck in his cradle. Jean continued his dictation while spreading his pants as if to say it's my territory. Jean had a name of a gourmet in short pants. It is the passage from winter to spring, also a song very much to him evoking the prostate of his grandfather. This song is the tam-tam of the spirit descended from the sky like Santa Claus. It is also a grammar of the acropolis of the aqueduct. We tell his story because it evokes the spirit of Noah before the flood. It is the meeting place for agronomists seeking the perfect cuisine in its taste and its unique flavor. It is the paragraph of Sister Jacqueline saying to the priest, "give me sourdough bread" the consonant not engaged. It is also a title given by the presence of the priest at the moment when he received the anointing of blessing from Jesus or Judas. It is at this precise moment that the cart of fire is put stole and becoming Elijah the prophet. It is also the famous name given by god to John becoming Elijah. This character is inside the house enchanted by the Magi. This moment spent with the angels was the paradox with Abraham with the angels. That means named a moment T to discover it to add three letters corresponding to the descended angels talking with Abraham. It is a reminder of the law on land on the sea. Why because the laws of water are identical to those of Canaan, so the Magi came to transcribe new laws for the sea. These laws allowed Jesus to navigate on the water without notice. Simply we will say the title of these laws being: a corresponding with the you two corresponding with the paragraph or the trombone meaning to sit near the water three corresponding to the watering means to wipe its thirst without corrupting.Four corresponding to the abdominal region, that is to say the swallowed thirst.Fifth law corresponding to the circulation on the sea meaning to cut the hunger 'aboard the banks.Seventh law corresponding to the century of water lights, or the reflection of waterwhy because it could hinder navigation.Eighth law corresponding to the person of John the Baptist wanting his head above water .Meaning or the principle of space navigation meaning intergalactic or regal coupling.Ninth law corresponding to planetary alignment meaning parking prohibited in a closed space explaining the virtual prison of a subjective moment where the person becomes the glass of dinosaurs.Tenth law corresponding to the discrepancies in the fluidity of clear water to pure water meaning to examine someone's glass without the owner. a protester. Twelfth law private browsing is the principle of the ladle upside down emptying the content without the presentation or use. corresponding to navigation without shoes or hands. Because the shoes or the hands absorb the title of the bank therefore it destroys the space of the bank and becomes a landslide therefore unstable. Fifteenth correspondent, navigation authorized in public is prohibited because consumable therefore not valid from a gastronomic point of view. these laws were given by God to Moses in Mount Sinai.Speaking to the future king of England naming him William.This is also the time of destination of John being within his parameters of constipation as this explains the defect of form of the interpretation that Cleopatra made. So she used an unblocker to grab her head becoming her memoirs calling her memoirs of Cleopatra. She sailed through the dirty water of a torrent of mud. throat therefore to the suppression of John or Elijah. This caused another phenomenon the unlimited internet in time to the nearest second. This gave the facial character of John the Baptist because he baptized with water. He became the head in the water on a walk. So this happened in the times when the internet appeared becoming the content of a computer nicknamed the Georgia Guidestone The vanguard courtyard is the destination of the mouth of the canadair connected to the internet network causing the leak of memory of Jean becoming the darling of the lost water. Here is the journey becoming the puppet of Cleopatra saying I have a priceless treasure, I keep it until the future, speaking of navigation on water, Internet navigation .This is how the head is stolen spied and told in pepper sauce.This is how its named the stewards of walking the head in the sand or twisting it all or tortoise.This is a scheme of Cleopatra imagining the near future se putting to conjugate in the future saying it's in the pocket my son-in-law. I convinced you of my superiority in your juice from the prelude to the night. the law of internet browsing telling the future ca r God has seen the enormity of animal man.

next in the next Tour de France.

death for life

Attribute Explanation

Who is Judas?

We are just saying this character has become a myth from the feud of a mythical between two people being each other's best enemies naming fear and cold. This role played by Judas is the pun of rue notre dame. That is so, his notes have become 1000-year-old burst hieroglyphs giving the character of the oval shape. This principle is to tell someone how great his love is and how to show it without restraint or obligation. It is an understatement to see this relationship being the setting of true love. A farandole of first names not said, nor interpreted as a balance for any account. A recreation is invented in order to discover to be there becomes an eternity of endless words without guessing the present moment .This appointment is also a conference of two candidates opposing each other except that there one has and the other proposes wanting to burst into tears because of the impression of the discovery of a face proposed with a mustache.Also a character fatty discovering himself in his anonymity but really convinced of his but really convinced of his approach carried out like a glove signaling the interview of the day. Also a creation of a second state parameterized by two individuals one starts to dance the other dîne.So this can be understood by two letters drawn in Indian ink.Why this fuss?Everything imagine the current comfort of all the candidates and imagine how the intruder was able to sneak in without leaving a trace or insinuation.Resulting as a shoe that is laced until suffocation or a given time in the principle of meeting only three people, this meeting becomes the purgatory of the third being the impious or the traitor. Do you understand this language? They translate as a signature where one introduces all the margins except that the last margin is the sign of the lack saying I see you you know it so tell me why you abandoned yourself for so little time when time is a craze of l individual en appé de it is said that and therefore this individual is called Judas and the second by his own mouth meaning complaining regularly without stopping saying to the wall it is your fault you did not recognize us as your direct descendant, so I am the crossroads of the key saying I will do my best to access it. In addition, you know well between you and me which candidate is more helpful, the living one or the one who sponges. I add my book is the look of the other staring at me a undisciplined disciple then me Judas I decided to make the most beautiful film of my life. I would say this film is the notion of time, of the hour, of seconds. I do not want minutes because simply my time was my time has come and i took two seconds to get to the gallows to impeach the first candidate to impeach the first candidate openly becoming like writing a plural sentence so i got pissed i said to this gentleman who n was not my friend, four words: the first shit, the de second wait for me! The third I grabbed the pelota. I say this because the world has judged me as a second-class traitor never as a full-fledged candidate. So I decide to name my French exercise, "once upon a time in the 'west' reminds you of a film everyone is talking about. I was part of this film and my role was the mustache in the round hat, remember Sergio Leone the director. I add the condition that in this film it is the game of the fittest.I decided to be part of it and I played the coveted joint dislocated I also interpreted the candidate of these ladies.So ladies I tell you clearly the darling it was in my 31 the hunk of the dayand i add my charm was the snake date with the first woman i performed the act of bravery while applying the towel over the tub taking it to get away saying i believe in me like us. So I just continue this theme is my theme and I enjoy it as such. Do you have your phone? Fourth word, in my time the telephone did not exist, guess how I called! Tell me I don't know! Just look me in the eyes and you will see my call, because the eyes in the eyes, the calm and the serenity to be able to dialogue without being or taken the time 'in the box you remember we spoke to each other out loud and took off the cap to transform it to the nearest second one step after another or the past tense.D' on the other hand this tragic event is a second breath of my shingles. It is also a character of legal form dialoguing with his interpreter telling him you are my voice and I am your belly. Do you understand the D system! In our time it was a long view of the sky or the climax of a meeting supposed to be me. Do you understand! So here is more or less my story I wrote it but you did not take it into account. Yet I was the main interpreter of my supporting role. You see the usefulness of being able to talk to someone without talking to them without imagining a only moment that I was talking to myself. We know the part without speech but you don't, because your phone shut you down so it starts talking for you, so in the end I always have a place no matter what .Not seen not taken imagining the one who interprets and the one who mimes, you realize that the outcome of the story is the turntable deviating to the left I have three symptoms of the match dealer so with my only weapons I become the traitor surrounded by red. Do you understand where I'm coming from. Be clear stir your shit and wait there until the end of the ball engaged in the air force rolling out the red carpet for the last chance. I add my direct object saying the green branch is yours, indirect object yours becomes the green of the branch. Do you understand this French. It was once when the disciple met and we spoke French of the language Hebrew meaning to lengthen the H becoming a cover filled with mixed letters corresponding to the game of the seven families. Remember at home you liked to draw saying I am the traitor. which is more French Me Judas or Jesus. Me I will say what else to say being the same and the only one in its own right. Have you not been hanged? I explain to you, remember once upon a time in the west you haven't seen my watch it shines in the evening, it's my favorite piece of jewelry, playing the watch. One showed up and the other disappeared like magic, not seen not caught. You understand When you see my watch in the vault say well I'm arriving on time HATCHOUM Here I am Judas meaning the ace with the brick of orange juice, the menorah is the pause of each movement interpreted from the belly. Did you know I tell you because my torah is that of the grandfather of my ancestors the Gauls. It's me Judas the roof of the bus de l'Isle Adam. Explanation of the attribute Who is Simon Pierre? We are going to tell you this paradoxical story as many verses as there are similarities here we are talking about this because the simple letter has become the double bottom of the box. We look at it as a torrent rushing down a river reflecting the shape of the attached dentition without being. We say this because it refers to several identities we will say confused the naming is not the titularization of the physical or quantitative description. have the allure of the name but strictly speaking it will rather be a candidate appointed before he is the interpreter of his name. It is more or less the language of the deaf and dumb or of the blind with the crippled. So we are pretty much confronted with the posed gaze becoming a gun pointed in front of us so we disarmed without really being the target because the speech coming from one against the other is a murder phase seeking the correspondence of the opening of the sasse or how to climb a tree at full speed being more a principle of going to war. Rather than proposing its solution and recognizing it. We come back to the name of this one composed by two, one Simon and the other Pierre.Cela implies the path planned as well, given the cordial understanding of its eldest. How to say it we will say as a relative subordinate objecting on the first idea whose second proposition being the precipice or the cliff. It is a sign of the missed date to obtain the mutual consent of one against the other. It is a form of discussion of removed words become cubes mixed with each other saying here you have several solutions only when the solution will be resolved then it will mean consulting his son-in-law to understand why this happened so the drawer got involved in the conversation this gave power to the second proposal. We add a few words to understand his second became the weight of his fault because the theory of relativity is the turning point of the acropolis where we will say the content of the faces and the body reflecting the theme of the song prescribed twice, once one, once the other. It's always the same question like "will you marry me" this sentence has become the boomerang of the return to the first phase always about mutual consent. It involves two parties becoming one and the other the first divorcees of the family saying for each other.It is the term of understanding the adult and the child. It is played with these cords without vocals or echoes. This is roughly why Pierre's attitude, having reached parent-child relationships, is a dedication to civic education in his life. So we are this disciple lost for fear of seeing the other the greatest so he decides to join forces with the closing of the jerky sasse becoming a winding staircase being the principle of the child against his mother for the benefit of the father or the reverse and vice versa. So the relationship has calmed down by the disappearance of one being the calming of the child. This is pretty much the cause of divorce in this world as much for politics. song reminiscent of behavior in humans. We reflect the opposite of the path proposed by several relativity to the sound of the bugle. This is what the main interpreter wanted to interpret. view of the answers we consider this character as the enchanter of the abandoned singer. We will still say this theme is a groundbreaking note consolation bringing principles of bygone forms therefore equated with such and such.Simply we will say really, look at the other while eating it becomes to say proposed its layout head. It is to want to oppose oneself to a picturesque construction site becoming the glass prison gently awaiting it like the omens coming from legend like a curse hitting it with full force for incitement to debauchery. This phenomenon is called open cardboard in a hetilic coma.How to explain this!Example a turtle goes into the water but when it arrives towards the shore it turns around because its animal instinct tells it to look behind someone is watching you.So the turtle takes a look and sees that her neighbor is in her garden square so she goes to find her and says a few words to her. Why are you here and why are you in my place? So the neighbor replies my right is to enlarge my space so I simply roam your way so that you can control yourself with my story of the final solution. unconscious behavior from unconsciousness so she dictates her conduct not knowing herself that she has a beam in her eye in her vision becomes distorted so she imagines that the turtle is her enemy, her one night lover. We explain it this way because Simon Pierre is the diminutive of the name meaning opposed to the name already given, therefore seeking to register his name whatever happens. His love for a day is the composition of his name because he throws the stone before look at the inscription on the earth. It is the candidate free of his facial autonomy meaning to grab the head of the other taking himself for him, wishing to have the same voice for the chair or the power. So we simply say a story of Jean's lament before his baptism because he called this character the silent gangster. Shhhhhhhhhhh, he's the speck in the eye or the intruder invisible to the naked eye.

death for life

Attribute Explanation

What is the street?

We visit significant epochs of absolute truth. We will consume many of them but we say that these brave soldiers are counterparts of alms. we tell you this for more reference to something really big. This result is called an articulated original group worth its weight in gold and already a contributor to the harvest of wheat that fell on the banks of the rivers from the Seine to the Rhine. calling unexplained according to the people they say that…. But we have created a large network of automatic stay renewal makers. to give them more. Why, we will say the simple past was given as food, so the candy has become commonplace. We have really studied this past, we have concluded several deals, one of which will be beneficial to you, because simplicity is not of the past, it is of the present, we present the most representative form of this correction which we call "the laughing cow". .We will say in core this form of reincarnation appeared the day the cow said "I have the most beautiful teeth than you" having made fun of the man for this fact she put him on the street becoming the appointment of all so only profit to stuff graffiti walls. We will say this disguised palace of street is an extraordinary lesson of topicality or remorse repeating each time “ok if I had known”. We will still say regrets but if you knew how gluttony made its way. We will say that it happened one evening of torrential rain where everyone goes about their business until the precise moment when the lady started to ruminate on the hay, then the gentleman caught in the act of ruminating, gives her a crazy look and said to him: I thought you were sick because of the hay. Finally no you see me sometimes, it takes me I have crises but it's good for me. The gentleman gives him a mean look and throws: OK, do you want to play with me? You took me for your cash cow so you're laughing at me, so I'll tell you two words: I don't appreciate your language, my god didn't create me a cow if I had known I was going married a cow and well I would have taken myself twice. Of course you're laughing, and my instinct clearly tells me that the appostrophe landed in the wrong place. Oh yes she chews and gives him a smirk. find nothing to say to me except taunt me! She continues in the same rhythm. OK play the cow but tell yourself that I have two horns and I am not cow. She continues in the same rhythm As you impose yourself in my life without warning so I decide to come out of the silence. The MDR cow You know I'm going to do something good for you 1 I'm packing up 2 I'm going to roll up my sleeves 3 I'm going to set up my battered man's association. The MDR cow PTDR I'll explain your states of mind concerning my desire to be a man. You make fun of me constantly, I can no longer bear this state of affairs. hear that you and I will no longer exist. The cow looks at him with a sorry air for this situation, and says to him: you know I can help you for your association. The other has completely taken the keys without a word and walked off with his clicks and smacks .Dons the cow bumped into the bull forcing him to go to a place unknown to date so he became the first homeless and left to console himself and get to make it out. His dilemma to last for years before he manages to put his boxing gloves back on. Thanks to this he accomplished the first 40-day youth named this day "ramadan" because he realized that the street was rough very rough a lot of enemy. They said to themselves here I found the way to the lost house, coming back stronger than when he was married because the principle of the cow was to learn from us. So in my opinion this allowed him to fight against his worst enemy the cow. This is why we tell this story of the first young person in the street who volunteers to make up for lost time with the mocking cow. once upon a time. It was named li even NOUM the sleeping dream, or the bed or the sleeper. We talk about this because this phenomenon has grown many have ended up or lived outside. So we say about them golden cloth heritage bows .Why do we say this? We say it because the present moment is lived every day by these self-destructing people believing to see mountains of gold. We want to say to them be blessed because many did not return. These people are extraordinary of an extraordinary creativity, they pass over in silence but cause nausea to bends. These people are invaluable because their vocation is the path of truth, the path of light, because these people are additions of hair, are peeled clementines, are ends long way traveled so much hope in them. Still strong despite the storm. This morning when Noum fasted he saw a cloud in the sky saying to him: I see you my god, I believe in it, and started to cry. My god sent him two words: I am proud of you despite his years, I never thought I would see you again. carries from the sky a white square to be instilled reminding him how much his lord loves him and how much esteem has won him. Simply thank you for everything I will not find better. Today he and Watt one love for alwaysGod gave him his first mission to bring his people together to give them the simplicity of life. Come back to this square of geographical shape. This day God has promised that all the homeless will be pardoned because their life has not helped them unfortunately in life. This is where the journey of the homeless began one night when the moon split. They all ended up with the first homeless going from path to path for the salvation of a chosen people. GOD SAY THANK YOU, hold on GOD WILL THANK YOU FOR YOUR MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Living day for day because they don't know what tomorrow will be. So we say a few words to entertain you from this off-dry plan. It is a continent opposed to many ex-convicts, most of them being a piece of the book strewn in the arenas of the Romans. They are missing pieces on the changing table. These people appeared in a play to tell their story saying we loved, we will love, I will love you. This is the story of people on the street bringing something extra to everyday life because it reminds them that every moment is a test and they are always looking for the end of their journey. This is something told like morning after pills. Why because their day is numbered. All the time not a day without. The street is a mute looking for the blind saying at the foot can you give me some so that I can get to you. setting the impossible. It is a form of the soul open to the orifice of the male It is the BISMILAH the soul of the other with the other. Just bismilah nothing else. God hears the call of the forest of the wolf calling her young in the snow. This is how the homeless were named the people of the NOUM or the people of the book.

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Who is Julius Caesar?

We came with four chairs overflowing with missed appointments. We say in this connection some significant experiences of the imprint of the name. We explain the first being the righteousness of your feet. We tell how to diversify our plans with one hand. It is simply said Ave Cesar or keep tapping your neighbor's spoon or it has fallen into the other person's piggy bank. It is a very deep scar juxtaposing two reigns, one above and the other below. We interpret it this way. It is this famous first experience of the type meeting the third this type. So we go to the second and here is how to innovate a name in its entirety while being the first common name proving to have the denominative of the first experience. It's really said in a simple way "give me your share" or have you seen my piece of the cake is it the cat? This brings us back to the third plague being the cover of one of the three. Or we'll say just saying one of the three prompts you to say which hand am I going to use the left or the right. So the stratagem arose and we will tell you about it. It was one day when he was little Jules was walking with his parents and arrived at the level of the lake he fell and moreover he did not know how to swim so his parents were surprised by this huge hole in front of them where their little one fell so the dad dived to get it back, but the mud was huge impossible to see even close up this was a problem and the little one was not visible at all so panicked the mum was screaming my son son! Bring it back! During this time the little drowned fell to the bottom of the lake and as fate named him Caesar so there was a fairy coming to his rescue who brought him back to life giving him the layer of her hand on his forehead to wake him up and breathed three algorithms a kela beyond then he was lifted like a possessed body and then awoke coughing spitting water from his breathing voices. He saw the fairy who put him near the edge and left. His father not finding him went back to seek help desperate not to find him. His mom as much the same. The little one got up and went home to find his parents not understanding why he was alone remembering being with them. So the little one came and called his parents why you left me alone! Parents shocked but happy to see him saying you're alive! Yes why ? You fell into a giant hole and it was impossible to find yourself, the water was so murky. I saw a fairy land next to me, I think she saved my life. She leaves me a medallion with my effigy and my name looks at mom. His mother surprised to find that her son was telling the truth. Since his parents, the Emperor Julius has been called because the medallion had the inscription. You will be one day believe me considering what happened. Since then, these parents have been celebrating the day of the rescue of their child. This is how it all started in the head of the little one I would be king of Rome such is my destiny. On the other hand we imagine how the realization of his journey with force and vehemence. He traveled through several countries but none seemed his, he loved his native Rome and said Rome you will be my big sister. So this is how he became the emperor, posed as the only emperor because his destiny dictated to him the dialect of the deaf, the dumb and the blind. That is to say, I invite you to invite yourself if you don't dare. His mottos posed as holder of the Merovingian era the status of that became the dicta of alms to three. He did it in dance steps one in front and one behind and tapped both feet in front. Why ? This symbolized the method of forgiveness. How ? Well, one in front of the point and one behind the flat both the round like surrounding his opponent. We continue in its astonishing but jubilant atmosphere of its domain of a state reign therefore absolutely coordinated with its natural needs. Meaning the hand in the psalm or the outstretched hand as a pin catcher. Here are approximately A few steps given by high frequency like a major opera do consulting the stars in an F mi re do tone telling them I really wish that for me. This is roughly how this character sat on his throne using the policy of asymmetric warfare making his neighbors living shields. Another dimension is the narcissism characterized by its buckwheat fabric crown fitting with its piece giving it its face. Jules set the wheat tone with his washed-out speech as if to intrigue those pretenders to the just or percolator crown. His ploy is wind-based English speaking the dialect of my rising thirst or the hunger of my enemies he would say. It is as many meanings revisited and manufactured by him because he said to himself the imposing of my career of struck or knocked out figures it is more or less his secret to notify with a red stamp the inventory of his clothing works. My destiny is to set the rhythm for the palace above. Many of his subjects complained of his determination to spell the Words whose alphabetical order was mentioned as nota bene and not written in full as to avoid disavowing himself in his legal form. We will also tell how to label someone in such a way as to deceive their future with only one hand. He said my honor is my muzzled piece of why why because in Rome my ministers are the worst skins sold on the black market. Meaning the disbelief of a people overcome by ambition it was fatal to explain my algorithm to them because I made my figures my calculations like quoting a house I will say IV or so my chair I will say III or so to speak of my ancestors I will say LC or then to hear my enemy barking I will say XIV as many sentences listed as my diary in the name of my elsewhere the Gauls. I am a mystery when my thought eradicates like a plasma flying above you. My stamp what. This is more or less the language of you people with Caesar!

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What is The Creator Word becoming entirely at the disposal of the Creator saying She.

We consume a lot of purpose but we failed to divert its intent. Out of greed, we have established paths to which solutions are available and each in their own perspective innovates but is forced to turn back because their future has gotten its feet caught in the net. So many schemes take shape. The Creator, through her silence, expands upon films opening welcome parameters. On the other hand knowledge are rivers of fresh water drunk at will. We are also all in this same perfume because of the quantities of actions are stakes. Then one day the Creator made an appointment with her essences in order to compose her melody. She then composed her music for us, beginning with he once had the law to shed crocodile tears and this formed a voluntary getaway to soften this path strewn with pitfalls. The Creator consumed her first glass of sanctified blood water alcohol meaning to reach the la to unite the second note saying dodo the child do will sleep will sleep dodo the child will sleep…..until the runny nose of the two from the surface of the earth. So there was a night in the day. Then the reasons for being were asked. Does God Exist? Why are they leaving us like this? This God is heartless without an earpiece non-existent. Why do we suffer? Why does he talk to us about freedom? So many unanswered questions they said! Then came a letter from La Créatrice recounting the sessions of an endless game. So this game was called what is your ascendant and the stars started telling stories about the shadow saying you will live forever if you listen to our advice regarding the day and time of your birth without forgetting the tip l year of your first cherry wine alcohol. Do you remember ? Then the stars sealed the atmosphere adding the spell of the planets. Really the action has become the traitor of the undecided without his silence. Accusing the Creator of not wanting to play with them. So this letter told the descent into hell of many ideals completed with informal letters characterized by many errors of verbs complete with actions predominated by its subject. So the verb became the subject of the conversation being guilty and cowardly for having let the rivers run, dotted with unusable canals, therefore screwed up and traitor for not having helped them. So many evils have arisen looking for the leader of the music. So the Creator had to extend the mother ships in order to irrigate the rice fields with rice water in order to assess the stagnant current because it was unpredictable in her stars of in-vitro characters. So that has added opprobrium becoming Crossroads in the taut thread game. So this became the hinge of the inventor of the Arc du Triomphe. Adjusting the words to ventilate the arteries becoming a range of ideas offered as a form of thought. This is how being ruminates on its thought of being.or appearing to you. This became the Gog of the yellow shoe and the raincoat of Magog the white rooster or we will say the red sock of Santa Claus The designer decided to write a second letter talking about Dul Quarnan because he was the labyrinth of the string game ordered to surround the interior of the fountain Shelter of simple people being advances of the invariable chronology emphasizing the interest of following the contour instead of the center of the pyramid. Then this letter was the thunder for the rice fields watering minds of blown and Asthenian thoughts wanting to oppose the D system. The Creator added two more, both of which are verbs. We will quote them to you. To thirst, to mess up, to tire, to sweat, to dominate, To linger, to marmirize, to mutilate, to manhandle or to forget. These actions are the declination of the flying stars called shooting stars and interaction with the purpose of being, forgetting the having of being. It is a common ground mine of abdominal solutions whose very uncertain in their legal form. It's completely sealed off to a few ways to find the emergency exit wire. Understand this reasoning? We will go on to expand the cause of man with a capital H. We say these parables are all stories told to dim certain decrees adorning everyone's head. The verb is a form of Asterix pronounced in a very controversial way because its mechanism is so arbitrary of opprobrium meaning to caricature the transformation of a state of fact. This pours out harsh and very reforming winter solstices of general interest. We are rays of sunshine capturing the geographical form of the verb. We know how to dilute a brush in order to regulate its color, neither pronounced nor transparent, seeking to compose each verse in such a way as to pollute the emergence of a new lighting exempted from choosing as it pleases because each tear spilled has a obtaining to exist. So the choice to diversify its category of measures or weight to light or heavy load as many characteristics ordered verbally. This is an example of real free will or not. The verb considers the primary action and secondary event. These are all measures struck or distilled in order to consolidate the bonds of marriage of having and being. The verb considers the authorization to go about one's business meaning not to walk on two feet of course because the measure does not have any verb entitled the green crescent, This is roughly the explanation of a voluntary form of a paragraph to elucidate both the existential form requires as much deprivation as willpower. That will be another story follow us and you will be rewarded with the letter.

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Who is Aaron?

We must know why this misunderstanding because one person has the degree 33 and the other -33 so we are in a dilemma of the possession of a body without the other. We need to know how accurate the poles are and this results in Martian parameters meaning bringing one body together to detach the other from its space. We explain this because this constraint leads to discovering another sasse being the passage to hell. It is a stir household operating twice once through the nose and the other through the mouth. S explained by a hum of instant music evoking two people goes unmentioned. This evokes a paradoxical vertical abdominal region under the apocalypse. We tell you this because there is another intruder in the atmospheric ray reminiscent of the black atmosphere. The path of this problem is detected with a handkerchief of paper imposed in the hand of the other signifying affixing his hands like a healer. We find several kinds of abdominal curiosities being head coverings opposed to the head of virtue or greenery. We say this because Aaron is a holder of black periods meaning traversing a partial or kohl grain filled path before any cleansing. This passage does not allow to find a perfect correction of the food deficiency or chewed too quickly. Aaron comes from a modest family which is surrounded by kohl on both sides. So the definition of a path is determined in advance. So this path is totally false and does not conform to the wishes of the Creator in Mount Sinai. Old Moses was to catch the wind ejecting all Holocaust survivors into a 20 degree Fahrenheit oven So no one left alone two John and Judas. Aaron disappeared during the tour because he fell ill treated by Sephora having become his wife. But unfortunately Aaron did not survive. He left us on that May day when he was issuing orders to invoke the stone path. So at the exit of the desert only three survivors, the third being Simon Pierre because he was with the twins when he said Terre terre. Having stayed close to them until arriving at a land called the fortune teller, the gaze of bubbling or stretching, the outline of a black gaze. The promised land was not found. Moses had this gift from his Creator to lead his people to the land of their ancestors where they came from where they left. The Creator sent Moses two letters. One addressed to Père Lachaise and the other to the Pope. These letters are the conditions of arrival on earth evoked by the Creator. One not being of this earth. It is an unknown space which Moise was the first to have seen with his dazzled eyes saying she is waiting for you when you are ready. Aaron did not survive his journey from the dark house. So that's pretty much that theme for Aaron's dictation the black house headgear.


is Simon Peter?

We are going to tell you this paradoxical story as many verses as there are similarities here we are talking about this because the simple letter has become the double bottom of the box.

We look at it as a torrent rushing down a river reflecting the shape of the attached dentition without being. We say this because it refers to several identities we will say confused the naming is not the titularization of the physical or quantitative description.

This is a crossing of the desert reminiscent of the water points that we depilate like a syllabic because the notes found have the appearance of the name but strictly speaking it will be rather a named candidate before he is the interpreter of his name.

It is more or less the language of the deaf and mute or of the blind with the crippled. So we are pretty much confronted with the posed gaze becoming a gun pointed in front of us so we disarmed without really being the target because the speech coming from one against the other is a murder phase seeking the correspondence of the opening of the sasse or how to climb a tree at full speed being more a principle of going to war.

Rather than offering his solution and acknowledging it. We return to the name of this one composed by two, one Simon and the other Pierre.

This implies the planned path thus given the cordial agreement of his eldest. How to say it we will say as a relative subordinate objecting on the first idea whose second proposition being the precipice or the cliff. It is a sign of the missed date to obtain the mutual consent of one against the other.

It's a form of discussion of words removed become cubes mixed with each other saying here you have several solutions only when the solution will be resolved then it will mean consulting his son-in-law in order to understand why this took place so the drawer is involved in the conversation that gave power to the second proposal.

We add a few words to understand his second became the weight of his fault because the theory of relativity is the turning point of the acropolis or we will say the content of the faces and the body reflecting the theme of the song prescribed twice, once once one, once the other. It's always the same question like “will you marry me” this sentence has become the boomerang of the return to the first phase always about mutual consent.

It involves two parties becoming each other's first family divorcees telling for each other.

It is the term of understanding of the adult and the child. It's played from these strings without vocals or echoes.

This is roughly why the attitude of Pierre, having reached the parent-child relationships of dedication to the civic education of his life. So we

are this disciple lost for fear of seeing the other the greatest so he decides to join forces with the closing of the jerky sasse becoming a winding staircase being the principle of the child against his mother for the benefit of the father or the reverse and vice versa.

So the relationship subsided by the disappearance of one being the child's painkiller.

That's pretty much the cause of divorce in this world as much for politics. It is the song recalling the behavior in the man.

We reflect the reverse of the path proposed by several relativities to the sound of the bugle.

This is what the main interpreter wanted to interpret.

We will say on this subject many requests took place, and with the sight of the answers we consider this character like the enchanter of the abandoned singer. We will still say this theme is a consolation of revolutionary notes bringing principles of bygone forms therefore assimilated to such and such a thing.

Simply we will really say, look at each other while eating it becomes to say proposed its layout head.

It is to want to oppose oneself to a picturesque construction site becoming the glass prison gently awaiting it like the omens coming from legend like a curse hitting it with full force for incitement to debauchery.

This phenomenon is called the open carton in a hetilic coma.

How to explain this!

Example a turtle goes into the water but when it arrives towards the shore it turns around because its animal instinct tells it to look behind someone is looking at you. Then the turtle takes a look and realizes that her neighbor is in her garden square so she goes to find her and says a few words to her.

Why are you here and why are you in my place?

So the neighbor replies my right is to expand my space so I just cross your path so I can control you with my final solution story.

The turtle answers me, I'll hit you with my rock to remind you that there's no point in running, everything comes at the right time.

It is a way of explaining the unconscious behavior of the unconscious so she dictates her conduct not knowing herself what has a beam in her eye in her vision becomes distorted so she imagines that the turtle is her enemy, her lover day without tomorrow.

We explain it this way because Simon Pierre is the diminutive of the name meaning opposed to the name already given, therefore seeking to register his name no matter what.

His love for a day is the composition of his name as he throws the stone before looking at the inscription on the earth.

It is the free candidate of his facial autonomy meaning to monopolize the head of the other taking himself for him, wishing to have the same voice for the chair or

the power.

So we're just telling a lament story of Jean before his baptism because he called this character the silent gangster.

Hush don't say it

he is the speck in the eye or the intruder invisible to the naked eye.


Who is Zakarie or Zakaria or the octopus?

We are going to cite a great construction project to complete the legend of the Nephilim being acrobats of the exegetical dimension of sura la baraka. We tell how the globe began to rock like a spacecraft and transformed like a saucepan escaping from the regular behavior of the overseas sphere. We attribute to it the regeneration of the incandescence of feces and abdominal matter. This is due to the introduction of mafia networks of the animal organism and contemporaneous with the position of the planets in their assembly of information at light speed and pronounced from the upper vault of the Duke of the Ring arc perforating the center of the galaxy forming the rays of the sun s calling the transformers of the underlined writing like the translator of the sentence written like an elevator in free fall. We are going to tell you how Zakarie started crying in front of his mother taking away his milk when he recognized himself as a creature of the world seen from above seen from below. This explains how he understood his commitment to his thirst. to serve the progress of the science of disenchantment and polyarthritis mixed with city gas. It is a secret on his part, naming himself the son of the lady with the umbrella because his first birth gesture is to have taken a glass of milk on foot without falling or breaking it. Her gestures are the look of a mother passionate about the feeling of being a surrogate mother without really having carried her. It is the transaction of a sit-stand break. Thus appeared the child of the mother opposed to the other mother. It means being born back to back without ever touching or seeing each other. This is the explanation of the meeting of the two mothers being children born of an unknown mother or say not being

in her womb but original from her necgama. Or his soul. This is the origin of a pouring of a jar filled with water and sugar fat in order to explain the condition of being the origin of surrogacy. It is in line with the artificial intelligence in the series of looking at each other. It's so much fun to tell you that it's like explaining a path and telling him no I'm not coming but I certainly won't be there. We call this the path of the double birth of two unexpected encounters but it becomes a miracle of the birth of a being without really recording a moment of carnal or visible pleasure. It is a parchment of the Duke's bow signifying regard for each other. We understand the relentlessness of Zakarie before his Lord promising him allegiance to the different trinity of the forbidden explaining how he was going to fight his equal calling him the monster of lotness because he came in his nightmare during! an evening with his mother in front of the fireplace facing his photo frame seeing the distorted images sending him stigmata of the skin perforating him like a crucifixion showing the tortures of lava flowing earth in the orifices of the arch duc ou l'un pour l ' other. We attribute to him the note of wine on wine like the glass of the last meeting with the recipient of the letter do you remember the language in which you spoke to him is Aramaic or the language of the resurrection of christ if calling the upside down negotiator. Zakarie formed a circle and organized the meeting of Christ with his apostles on the day of the entry of the woman in front of the tree of the Mount of Olives offering to Christ the first greeting of a drink from an unknown space serving as a wash. in order to support him on his back as African mothers did to protect their child from the rising sun. This day has become the subject of the three-way conversation signifying the vacation of an approval of the ascent of a foreign body from the stratosphere of the

imagination. It is in other words how a living exercise becomes the target of the atonement of the peel of the potato mixed with vodka. Giving the assiduity of a venom splashing in the face reddening the pores recalling the negation of the instruction to three in the feminine condition. here is the performance becoming the singularity of the trinity accusing the third of the three like the placement of the accused in the offices of the vault mixed with the blood of christ. It is the priesthood of the advance menopause of the woman aged 40 to 50 giving the end of an appointment with her predecessor because the moment of the act the meeting dries up like the program of a computer doomed to failure because its operation gives the equivalent a thumb signifying the gaze of the other in the lowered eyes or the sadness of a moment of joy lost for 9 months or the equivalence of a day as a night. Zakarie recognizing his predecessor as his only son for better or for worse. This is the piano lesson given on the day of the birth of Christ or the transition to winter time corresponding to the flat surface of the planisphere in the circle of the spherical vault or the sense of organization. Zakarie returned for the ascension of Christ in the paths of the garden of Jetsemanie. It is the repentance of an organism living in the networks of the planisphere


L spelled

We are going to name the invisible to you, the character of smell in its unpredictable and schematic existence. • It is a form of regions nicknamed the cave. • It is a turnaround described as a benevolent path. It is to review the spatial geometry of the allegory in its theme of the horse perceived as the receptacle of the Republic. • We invoke the barrier of repentance and return to self. • This is to say how this surah descended when the called Mohamed found himself as dumbfounded to hear the path of his profound truth and how he called God at that moment. • He exclaimed oh you who send me messages I would like to tell you only one question what is your name? • Then an inner voice says • My name is yours but first hold my hand and I will say the correspondence of your existence. • Added two distinct words saying • The L and the LA then added the B • So Mohammed exclaimed • I don't understand what does that mean? • An inner voice repeats • You remember the crusades it's behind you • Oh good • Yes, look on the stone, your mother's name is inscribed. • The moved prophet turned and saw inscribed the difference of his pronunciation in verse poses a on the line and was inscribed on his hand Honorable was your path we cross you like a body of water and we keep it like the duration of your existence alo rs we offer you this piece of stone as the house of your forgiveness. • Then he heard his name • MOHAMED • Then repeated his name in name of his existence and therefore his mother's scarf appeared on the stone and the inscription on it is YEMMA • Spelled YEMMA • Repeated to him YEMMA • He heard again

inscribe this name on the heart of your principles and you will understand how the fabric of its image spread and gave birth to the first syllable of your name inscribed on the paths of your existence. • Do you understand this? • He exclaimed Me Mohammed recognizing you as my house I become the line of your mouth and I look at the paper of my. Father and I say in a whisper I love you I love myself we love each other.


Who is David or the Yugoslavian watch or lot.

We are going to evoke a moment of solitude evoking the silence of the mountains. • We are going to add markers of vowels lost on a November day in the hatter of his mother lying on the floor stumped holding two words I'm not well. • Then the field of animal encounter with the monument called the conditioning of the leaning vault since its birth, this is the sign of the awareness of the next entry into the century of centuries signifying affixed a hand like the miraculous healing of its mother lost since her first meeting with her father. • This resulted in an overworked or leaning consciousness program. • It becomes a moment of silence evoking the fascinating walk in the desert where the crocodile announced his probable destiny to him in the ruins of Alexandria or a parchment written in his name made by Jeremy telling him of his next mission in the Balkans. • This was inscribed two thousand years ago BC announcing the first power of the three companions of the Prophet Mohammad naming them my brothers in arms for the revival of a strong economy in the progression of the parchment inscribing the reason for his appointment on the Richter scale being the programmer of Russian roulette also called the white horse of Henry 4, • Following the revelation of Jérémie David becomes the King of the arid desert wanting to catch the sun when he sleeps. Why because Jérémie during his dreams saw David fall into a hole full of snakes telling him you are our enemy we are fighting you ́ until your cradle is the bed of my grandmother called Jacobine the shortbread dough kneader. Snakes add David a ring from his grandmother

lost on her 20th birthday on her wedding night crying all her tears at night with her husband and saying I'm cursed why did I lose my present that day. This took place where David was with the snakes. David not knowing all this was surprised at the attitude of the snakes saying I had nothing to do with it but nothing to do the snakes insist on counting his money. • Jeremiah simply saying it is a message for you not recognizing us as yours. • This comes from the grandmother inheriting the family as legatee of spoken and suggested words. • It is the curse of words that does not conform to the exercise of his function as mayor of a city besieged by the Pharisees during the wedding night of his grieving grandmother who cannot be consoled, not even by her husband.. we are going to talk about his journey marked with a red iron because his destiny has changed in his allegiance with his Creator, • This is a welcoming speech reminding David how much his Sword cherished him and dedicated him to a discussion with Jeremiah and the singer of his book the Fig tree of my grandmother which he stored in his hatter being the beginnings of his destiny as King of Jordan marrying Princess Wafa it lasted until the birth of her son Solomon. During this century of centuries David forged his character and became a good king during his exercise to which many offered presents including a harp decorated with gold and silver and precious stones including a yellow emerald or his sound. name was inscribed offered by a queen living in the neighboring country near present-day Syria where he fought Saul during the night of destiny where David's wish was to extend his power to Syria where the ant his neighbor. • We mention this in order to define how the curses extended to King Souleymane being his half brother being the drink of the balanced diet of King Solomon. • He was the direct witness of Solomon in order to

to advise his works of which he was the author entrusted to Souleymane as guarantor of his earthly life in conformity with the divine wish for which he was responsible. He will be rewarded for the good he has and the evil he has. Surah Bakara we continue the progression of the constant mathematics of the watch placed on an arid path. It is a calculation of the arborescence of an image interpreted as a rule of 3 out of 3. Meaning to progress on a path where nothing says if the end comes it is like hoping to see the earth on a boat. • We add to this melodrama a thought to all the participants of this road crowded with bumps and dumpsters being the phenomenon of the turned wheel as heir to a curse. • We add discussions on approving the earned value of barefoot barefoot sea-crossing goods. • It means walking on water like an appointment in front of a court waiting barefoot in order to devote a pause time to each step because the heavy load is the consequence of a light Paris or meaning granting a pardon in order to provoke a citizen war of the second world war. This explains the consequences of careful reasoning backwards. • We consider this anagram as the subject of resolution H • This implies the progression of a voice for the other including the adjective attribute of its harnessed verb like a sailboat without hair. We call the organism my mother's closet or the reason to remember the lost ring on the wedding day. It's such a hassle for a man explaining how he started out in his back shops serving breadcrumbs to feed his uncle's horses calling him the warden of his motherland. So he ordered his household to subtract the gross and disclose the correct plate of the day. It is to explain to each one how the path was built during his arrest in the hole at

snakes where he found his grandmother's ring removing there curses from his head because he feasted with them for two nights without being bitten or choked and becoming friends with them therefore ally of his mother's head. • Since he resumed the path of war revealing the principles of the file concerning the reasons for his writing in braille in his book interpreting the fate of a lost nation buried alive so he added to the sword his drink made by Sa lomon the day of the birth of his son or Solomon took the reign of power in Syria at the side of Souleymane and both put Carthage on the ground and divulged the previous message of Princess W afa daughter of Abdelkader kings of Jordan. • This is how David evoked his passion for instrumenting a posed element in order to give it back its appearance, so he created an A4 format score evoking like listening to a sound and describing it as a spacious form of Indian ink. It is a characteristic of spelling a word without ever turning it back or leaving it for dead. This is how he saw his destiny change, becoming the interpreter of dreams and adding up the short sentences and the long ones in order to begin a new chapter of the fable of the fountain, the fox and the crow. • We are talking about this episode in order to show the characteristic of each person reconciling the good with the bad, explaining the general interest of three-way understanding or the Second World War invoking the return of the encounter with the afterlife. • Surah bakara is the sign of the interaction between two worlds, one without the other or with one another. • It is really educating the patience of a circumference opposed to its initial path. We have to understand how the Sword is the consciousness of an organism otherwise disposed to grow like the sound of three notes. Do you understand that? It is really important to remember that. • Who is Beelzebub or the Red Woman? • We will tell you

the story of a phenomenon observed from a telescope. • We are going to quantify the program of the Eiffel Tower comprised between two and three seconds of pixels called the quantitative values of syndrome H. These are addition values signifying the entirety of a three-person performance. • We explain how the appointment strategy c is named as placing posters between the value x and the value y. • In other words, how was born the personification of a name or an entity. We consider this to be random and preponderant depending on the geography of a name or region. • This is the correspondence of a cycle hummed like a whirlwind forming the legend of an Indian proverb saying where the wolf was born and where he grew up becoming the mixed blood of the beyond. Meaning to state a fact and get the value of one's word as true so no permission to upset or undo it.


Who is Beelzebub or the Red Woman?

We are going to tell you the story of a phenomenon observed from a telescope. • We are going to quantify the program of the Eiffel Tower comprised between two and three seconds of pixels called the quantitative values of syndrome H. These are addition values signifying the entirety of a three-person performance. • We explain how the appointment strategy c is named as placing posters between the value x and the value y. • In other words, how was born the personification of a name or an entity. We consider this to be random and preponderant depending on the geography of a name or region. • This is the correspondence of a cycle hummed like a whirlwind forming the legend of an Indian proverb saying where the wolf was born and where he grew up becoming the mixed blood of the beyond. Meaning to state a fact and get the value of one's word as true so no permission to upset or undo it. • We explain to you most of this volume of voices heard enumerated as a religion enumerated according to the denominator point of a beginning and an end. • Then we look at how the day before a star becomes secondary because its location deciphers the exact amount of its diameter and its rays exposed to an atmospheric pressure of the gender. Its value is the ransomwere divided by its algorithm and multiplied by its gold coin equivalent or attachment calculation consisting of several pixels mixed with a set of stars and all connected to a cathedral-like organism called exercise of his duties or the

potato how to put it rather evoke the measurement of time and name it as the admissibility of a committed space within a radius of two km and a diameter of approximately 3 km on the Richter scale. This means surrounding the second to reach the first organism of the celestial vault. • This mechanism is the ball joint or the opening of a door in its engaged diameter. • We repeat this and we say to ourselves that in the event it is how to postpone a sentence and call it by its name or propose it as an attribute of value mixed with the empty atmosphere. • This is how Beelzebub transformed rung one into second degree calling him my son-in-law. • Remember World War II where the shell fell first. We will say where your mother's head or your mother's head you choose what name it gave and you guess the magnitude of the circumference given at the moment of impact on the attribute of the subject or the union member forming the position of the wheel around a star and saying oh mash where is my mother. • This is how to explain the origin of first names they are the second half of our soul without the value of the room or the mount of the queen without her horse. • We explain this to give you an idea of the composition of an adverb c is the opposite of your first name without the capital letter. • Why so much difference it comes from the condition of women at the time the impact took place like lying on a bed and saying that's it I understand why I complain all the time. • We have a first name because the volume of the atmosphere differs from its adherence, therefore the relief of the mountains is not equal in their geographical placement, therefore it is impossible to name it the potato. • Understanding yourself also means finding a complement to the ignorance of the other. • So how to say Beelzebub found the solution of dissolving the first names as a secondary value being the difference of the annual circumference therefore subtracting the quantity and the opposite of its subtraction in the diameter of the

sun being the degeneration of Baldness showing yellowish halos signifying a delay in nasal discharge in its perimeter of visual acuity. This is to say how the crossing of the desert materialized like a tray of ashes falling from the truck. It signifies the degradation of the inner relations comprising the quantity of the oval in the diameter of a star • We regard the crossing as the fox and the raven both being the sign of the personification of the marriage relation calling itself by its two names forming the position of the planets like a furrow of first names organized like the inventory of anal geography poses like a scratched 78 rpm record and given as an attribute of the subject without the word given or proposed. • This is how Beelzebub cofounded the first names at the Tower of Babel. She became the lost Statue of Liberty.

It is the story of the beauty carrying a soap bubble naming it my lump in the belly or the memory of my mother's consciousness or the return to my mother's womb • Signifying the fallen character of the frontal or abdominal personality confusing the sky and the earth saying it is my mother's wish. • We will tell how she made her way telling road users to turn around because she saw the wolf so watch out otherwise you will go straight to hell • So this is how she built the tower of Babel calling the circle of my missing mother besides falls on my wedding day where I learned to flirt with the devil or the fleur de sel. • This is how she built an ocean of worms spreading it like her love nest, inviting the tube to open the domain of the duke in order to place her first descendants of the anal colony, thus the deflagration of the horn of the eye. It happened the day she decided to

flirt with the boss of the boarding school because she had forgotten her shoe on the stairs and her mother's ring giving a pledge to be received in her chapel at the end of the. Corridor. • Today it turned red. like her mother's tomato because it fell right in front of her when talking about her Stations of the Cross, adding delirium to her source of problems invented from scratch just to arrange a date with the devil or the fleur de sel. • It is the personifications of his first name anagram of osteoporosis or meaning to be the name of my mother. •


Who is Bilal or the trumpet or the clue?

This is a consultation between two highly qualified people like a lumbago characterized by different pronunciations of the verb. • This is the conjuncture of a near future but so far away in the geographical form of the celestial vault. • We explain this because this process is a commitment of values assumed to be the consideration of an intergalactic event in the ionosphere. • It is the transformation of the delegation given as a tributary of the inventory of alchemy carried as a commitment to one another or vis et versa. • This is to say how the factory ton is spread out like the common denominator for all the others. • So we rectify it as saying it is the passage from him to her like water in a slice of the ionosphere establishing the order of the Templars at the moment the dish is modified like the sphere of the disappeared in the kaleidoscope of their trombone draws in the path of the crater resembling the dwarf who lived before them in the upper sphere of the celestial vault. It is to explain the path of their undulations in the low frequencies of the altitude devoted to the personification of the existential being given as the supposed artificial intelligence transforms the genre by the arithmetic of the sun and the wind in their attachment in the intergalactic existence. . • This is a parameter of double speed information therefore filtered at the spoken second or we would say evacuated like vomiting this is understood as a vibration of the earth element in its Gama ray altering the syndrome of adultery also called the my mother's cow or also the

key of the electronic transformation of the furrows of the induction of the four fires explaining how the defamation got along with the discussion s to two. • Understand this c is like spoken to the trumpet and say two words to it • I consent I named and I regress the path of frequency 2 from the parameter of the undecided or the fool • Then we will say these moments are the directions of the vault in its empty space therefore similar to the incantation made by two and not by three • Do you understand the Stations of the Cross remember Bilal the day of his birth his mother gave him a bag filled with aperitif and in addition he ate them without choking or chewing hard and his mum was looking for the bag to show him what it was well here it is she found an empty bag and wondered who took it so Bilal answers him it's me I ate them • His shocked mother of her intervention she called her grandfather and she said to him say a prayer because my child ate all the ingredients of the bag and he said it to me. • What's happening to you, it's okay, you say anything he wouldn't be dead, he has no teeth, he can't. • If believe me but where they are • Ask Bilal and the grandfather runs and says these words to the child • Did you eat everything? • No response • The child laughed out loud and he couldn't stop it was like a moment of laughter. • The grandfather, you see the child, he doesn't speak, maybe someone picked him up so you didn't see him. • Yet he said it to me I heard he ate them • If you want if you hear it there is no problem • Yes I hear say a prayer • So he started to pray • Saying • Who is Dajjal or what is the option? • We are going to tell the unique experience of an astral phenomenon called the silicone valley or the spell of multiple sclerosis


Who is Dajjal or what is the option?

We are going to tell the unprecedented experience of an astral phenomenon called the silicone valley or the spell of multiple sclerosis. • We continue to develop the feminine condition in the atmospheric vision of the anal region. • This is an outline of the leaning eye or the crater of my mother. • We become like the Filibuster waiting for his shift and marching back and forth as if deterring the enemy from approaching. • It is also a characteristic of the engulfment of an orifice becoming dark matter evoking a passage into the beyond. • But this is the option of the staring of a domain seen by many people but this domain is the comma of a dot named ur • It is the complement of the interested party in his option to be a living or a dead. We explain it as the tragedy of my mother except that in this option there is a redaction of the uniformity of the mouthpiece in its vegetative state. • It means learning yours and taking us away. Also. The more we will say to flatten the other and encircle the passage of a form or embrace it. • It is a constant with two converters one we give the impossible character or square root and two we touch the cone and we give a vertical form of the anal obligation interpreted as the diagram of the yellow page of the fleur de sel. • It is also the transgender of vision. of optics listing the probability of an unidentified spring but seen by many people as a black and futile volume in its progression of expanding empty space therefore impossible to see it

clearly because its winding is in the way of the anal orbit or Jupiter. • We evaluate it as usurious interest becoming the integral of leaning vision. • This is what will be said about your imagination in the empty space, therefore impossible to understand how it is built and how it intensifies because its nomination is totally blurred, therefore vague and personified like the sidelong glance of the other • We add the inch of the anal diagram being the value of the standing principle therefore defined as the desired place but different with respect to the orifice of point B. • We explain the density of the dark matter in the escape of letters not heard or spelled. • It is also a constant of the indicative present in his gaze posed in the void. • It is materially the padlock of the leaning eye or of the opening of the Fatiha, agreeable to the anal conduct of the platonic and directional terrestrial layer, of the capacity to engage the termination of words not said nor heard but spelled. • The Dajjal means the lake of Jaja in disorder or the carrot placed on a low wall to confuse it with the sky. • It is a principle of cords denoted like a palindrome written by two letters signifying the look of my mother or the corruption of a letter wanting to be the letter or the leprosy. • Do you understand the dialogue in the parable of Jesus talking to the leper parodying the feminine at the end of the tunnel saying you are like the dictionary you add dots to each other as if you were there. You order the healing of a leper without the character of deja vu. • Do you understand the subtlety of understanding the importance of exposing its letter as the tribulation of a word that scares so horrified to submit it to its first value therefore original of its miraculous healing and therefore we condition it as a commodity

perilous whose expiry date has passed therefore inedible nor studied. • • The Dajjal is the grammatical option of the near future conjugations meaning to progress from a point without naming it because it is impossible to see it because its title is totally prohibited like the fork giving the abdominal function of the arched walk or the anger of the grape placed on the passage of the navel as a second eye of survival in dark matter. • Why because the optical vision offers no option including the parameter of anal consciousness so it is the drowsiness of the urethra or like impotence or degeneration of male sexuality. • Options are Icing Washing Flashing or Switching Neutral. • Do you understand this. • C is the invented point therefore a mirage.


What is Hitler or couscous?

We tell you about the perpetual exodus of a people lost by its star placed below the ice cap. • We tell the accuracy of a misplaced arrogance in the virtue of the owl. • We say of this character linked to a dish of couscous personifying the voluntary degradation of the square root. • We evaluate its precept as the disclosure of the path of the interior of collective listerie approaching the dialect of the presumption of innocence or the interference of an act posed but not recognized in the facts therefore improbable and completely non-existent as much as the inversion of a pedophile network saying I see without seeing so I don't know where I place myself in this enormous din supplanting the ears because guilty of having named the invisible visible. • • We add to this character a nutritional balance provoking the descent into hell meaning degrading his pole and making him unable to signify himself as voluntary but not guilty therefore always the image of the precocity of ejaculation becomes the daily embarrassment of this character. • This malaise engendered the precocity of the misunderstanding with his surname, therefore difficult to know the accuracy of his abdominal intensity, therefore very strewn with small untimely breaths and very poorly organized in the descent into hell. • Do you understand why we call him that, it comes from his authoritarian gradient and his locker room because in it he kept all his anecdotes talking about all the subjects, especially his future speeches and how to justify the impossible appointment with the people of which he had custody. He secreted

male hormones meaning to widen his voting intentions or how not to make the wrong appointment. • This comes from his mother because she authorized to sell his family albums for cash saying my fame will be great believe me mother you and I will all have deprivation without coercion or violence. • It will be natural like the water that runs in your bath at dinner time the water goes down to the stairs and we see how much your sweetness your moments of solitude thinking of happy days. • Don't worry, I'll always be by your side even in the worst case because I love you. This is how this character invented a reason for living without naming or detailing his experiences with the afterlife. • It was a denial for him to receive the injunction to pay the high price of his investiture proclaiming the defeat of speaking in pairs. • This circumvents the presumption of innocence. • We know how the domain was managed. • This is the hijacking of the story in order to bring about the two-way correspondence. • We are going to discuss how the gentleman held his appointment with the Statue of Liberty. • He saw himself in the corner of his eye and defined the envelope of his posture being the conception of his devouring appetite and programming the indecision not to be his mother's tomb. • His reproach is not to understand the other at the feet of the celestial vault. Then her conscience declared itself silent when her confidante approached and attempted to stand up in front of the assembly of the Jacques brothers. This is a diversion from anal fiction portraying his mother's sleazy posing nude in a magazine dating back to the first date with his father during the 14th of July festivities where he addressed the people telling them his mother's words repeating to us are at the dawn of a new era that of our ancestors the franklins dividing the road of the nomads into two very distinct camps this is the

outcome of the choreography of the artists underlining the allegory of his father repeating we are the children of God and we want to dominate the people of the northern layer because they have the design of our graceful title coming from Napoleon Bonaparte signifying our approval to continue his project to reunite Germany in the country of his mother living in the Landes neighboring the acropolis and the path of the vineyard of his father the buckwheat and I confirm my project to whiten Germany of its opprobrium meaning the entirety of its chaotic journey therefore very honorable in dictating his driving in a state of drunkenness therefore not at all taken into account during the beatings of the referees speaking of the north road. • It is the moment when the party is in full swing that all the providers start dripping like a child crying for its lost mother. • This means the approach of the war of the 3rd reich offering the galosh as a ring of honor for the 17 years of his father in the garden of Jetsmania speaking the language of opiates the people lost during the first confrontations with the allies calling themselves the pros of the 1st contingent of the Arc de Triomphe going to fish for bacon in the belly of his mother the bearer of the green diamond to tell her that her son is the disdain of his country but his mother replies no it is the fold of the first jacket in leather offered during the first dinner with her husband. • So we tell you how this singular plasma gave rise to an astral phenomenon called God's slingshot lightning where the pattern of the transition of the planets in backward rotation like the mountain pilot advancing in pairs skirting the stones of the mountains from his father . • Do you understand we are one third by two and two thirds by one signifying the conspiracy of Bonaparte aiming at the Duke of Ed imburg so that he gives him the card of Hitler his father-in-law. • Added he is the one who has it because his pants got stained with the tampon I used so I simply ask him the war is

close and we are forced to let you know to agree to the passage of our troops to your home. We need the agreement card! • Hitler became the name R DOU ANE the preventive of the singularity of the threesome discussions saying I wait tomorrow otherwise I come tomorrow


What is vulgarity?

We will consider three cases of rebirth. This leads us to identify as stratospheric comforts in the immediate order of the circular median of ambient air. • We are dealing with this forbidden but completely respectable formal in the constitution of a legendary gathering erasing the singularity of the ancestral norm. • This area is defiance of an established system of the new or yesterday's order. • It is a speech stuffs a random regulation of the male hormone • This language is the speech pronounced by comma. It means meeting the recipient and telling them how to pronounce a word, a phrase without a patch or drawing naming the intruder. • We want you to understand the feature of an obelisk outrageous signatory of electrical conditioning or paraphrase • We really hope for your understanding. • We are here to help you develop your emergent sentences of a ventral phenomenon. • We have educated a mass of candidates extremely exposed to the whirlwind of astral continuity. • It is the diversion of the inflammatory allegory. • C is composed of vacant fallen into a nervousness willing to circumvent the marks of the forbidden city. • Vulgarity is the transformation of feminine singularity. This comes from a planned existence in the very source of the accord cordiale. This results in atmospheric solutions pronouncing drum rolls. • We have given elements of the first sentence. • • It fell suddenly and therefore flammable. • Why ? • • We respond very explicitly to the

condition of the elaboration of a sentence. We give you an example: • We are going to work but this path is very rocky. • We translate this sentence meaning to go falls into a precipice of spicy dishes or the instruction of the consonant s being shifted so impossible to make it visible. • We are telling you about this because many have left themselves in the restricted space of the anal passage or in a way dissociated from the paragraph of the letter. So this refrain is called the indicative present in the nature of the verb. • How to audition the interpreter of the first sentence, how to do it without exposing him to his belly. Two solutions are given for the female condition. We firmly say the finding of a strange parapher degrading the maintenance of the medicinal plant • It is the consequence of the obstruction of the verbal injection of the anal solution. • It is the instruction of the anger engendering the captivity of the agglomeration scarred by the insomnia of the resolution H. We explain to you the amount of the instruction of a word different from the original. • • We know how this phenomenon has become the globe of the imperfect. This means enlarging his Way of the Cross. We say beforehand the title of the avant-garde of the opposite. • We know how word-for-word translation is guilty of interactive binding of chewed understanding. Otherwise the correspondence of two letters, one rounded and the other straddling the other. It is a process of the feminine condition established by the opposite of the singular and forbidding letter of the beyond. We say the meeting of two syllables conjugated in the figurative form of the spoken interpretation letter by letter. We see the evolution of the dissertation from a stretched word and paragraphs through the unbearable shape of the H engine creative idea. a dissected complement to

the form of a direct and intentional language of its first delivery in the vocal cord being the septuagenarian of the genesis we know exactly the condition of this namesake otherwise directed by two informal letters contributing to widen the share of the legatee of the will of the letter to Louis


Who are the vampires?

We will tell about them from active oxygen comparisons. They are air traffic controllers whose space is confined in time. We add these characters otherwise qualified as human. We are going to tell their story because it is rich in interplanetary events. It really is a undone nature of torment disguised as a dwelling characterized by geometric rain sleep paragraph by automakers. We will say s of these very respectable creatures of the order of the canvases connected to each other in order to flesh out the prospect of carrying out the winning verse of the lottery of the day. • We will say of these correspondents of the altitude of a body otherwise seen as an elevation of the empty atmosphere. • It is the precursors of the forbidden in the feminine. • This is the stuff of pixel invention resolution. It is the realization of an empty space erected into billions of pixels becoming the image of sight, hearing, taste, touch and speech. • These geniuses of the empty atmosphere have developed the quantity of smell digested in several ultra organized ray tasters parametrizing the arrivals of the attraction to the relative. • This results in the mixing of carbon with the liquid gas giving • The weightlessness of the body floating in empty space. This process is the identity of the atmospheric correspondence of space millimeter of pixel organized in branch developing the synthetic image of the wobbly community of the forbidden, • These are creatures named by names from the old to that of the moment. • It is oblique energy networks stretching from wall to wall as if to widen the sound of a product

expired. It's optional gravity settings. These creatures receive many of us for a new kind of regulation of the previous situation. • We call them in our language the Djinns or Martians of the kind one is also organizers. their communication is transmitted by pixel voice fed by active oxygen and is concretized by a language of the verb spread out with infinite actions of optional gravity. • Vampires are cosmonauts invisible to the naked eye because pixels are damaged by ozone in space so we are dividing the compound time formula with its space boundary. This formula is written in an absorbed way meaning the ratio of a mixed form to the character of the order of the carbons transcribed in each interior layer of the empty atmosphere therefore equal to the foreign body exchange in an empty space. • Vampires are in an environment absorbed and reabsorbed by stardust called the Newcomer Sisters. • Their language translates into bubbles of pixels squeezed into a black and transparent material, therefore odorless and volatile. • These creatures have a name and the ones I am talking about are called the Outer Vanguard Stewards because they are empty or optional soul connectors. Being the guarantors of an empty precipice. • Vampires have a specific role to contain all gases that do not conform to the atmospheric regions signifying the positi vities of visible attraction. This is normal because the intention becomes the condemnation of the other pixel. • There are different pixel shapes and many are not known to the rest of us because land space restricts the outline of the landing area. The landing zone is the transformer of fossil energy or interactive energy of the dry ground. • We say we are your big brothers at heart. We are here to make you relive the energetic atmosphere of general interest or composition

heterogeneous to the elevated atmosphere of the interior. • We vampires say to ourselves that we have met several times, perhaps forgot the only place where you draw from our wells in order to regularize the situation of prohibited gambling. We all love your toys and we love the threesome because the fabric becomes so visible, one day you will see it with the naked eye word of scout. • We tell you that we would like to meet you in another possible situation • We are not nice but mean in the manner of the interest of the game. gone is he on whom four yokes have fallen. Do you remember. Can you name them please because I don't remember. • The first est'gomina • The second is row • The third is named • The fourth is eaten • Are you satisfied I remember.

On the born day
On the born day
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