The ending of a word and a letter

The ending of a word and a letter


La trancendance

La trancendance 

What is the veil?

We are going to explain to you the conception of the coordinating conjunction being the internal connection of thought and action. C is a set of letters grouped by a preposition coordination being supposed to exist in a world of capital gains carrying the heavy load or not.

We tell you the history

veiled understanding because everything is relative in the meaning of night in day.

We explain it by two very distinct but united words in the turn of the standing posture. It comes long ago in the Garden of Eden where man and woman were alive in the night.

There was a moment when the man spoke to his creator and asked him a question.

Why are we two in the night and you in the day?

Yemma answered

Look at your wife and tell me is her hair light or dark?

The man answered I see the night I see the day I see it.

Yemma retorts

How does your wife eat?

The man answered

My wife eats the seeds of my desires of my desires of my projects.

Yemma retorts

You have the horizon in front of you, your wife is the stick of your hopes

I add two once you tell and other times you mix everything.

So she says look at your wife again!

Do you understand where your light comes from, it is she who turns it on and you turn it off, you imagine it, you dream it and you consider it now before me

The man answered

No, I consider my mother's present and my father's before.

I add the woman is the shadow of my father and the light of my mother.

Yemma says then you understood and who is the shadow of your shadow?

The man retorts the sun is my ray and the moon my lighting and you my silence my words between the lines I sing there and you tell me stop you are going to break the moon and I laugh because I know that my wife will be there dependent on my ignorance of my questions.

His wife retorts hey you look at me what do you see?

He says I see myself so that means we are the same so we the night in the day not in your ignorance.

We are like Yemma the silence of our oblivion at each word we exist for real it's not fake we are

Yemma retorts

My children, I love you as the morning does the evening, it is the source of my desires, my hopes to see you fidgeting, drawing, walking, inventing, you are the forbidden fruit, don't forget you are.

The veil is to get out of your garden and find the hope of your existence for real real good.

To put on a veil is to repel one's desire to be born in one's entire undisturbed disposition. Do you understand the woman is the light of the man in the night without her the darkness remains and becomes ignorance. We are the having of being in Peter's letter to Christ on the day of his ascension of his resurrection in the world of pell-mell words where the end is done by two in the silence of the lines.

This is the end of my book titled the ending of words of which I am the author DZ accompanied by Yemma Soon in the BAC

I will let you know

There were several of us talking to you about the angels and the djins and all the participants in this night-in-the-day book and the veil has been lifted to give you Yemma's reasons.

Do you exist or not?

I love you


We love ourselves.

Welcome back everyone. The beginning of the end.

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