The ending of a word and a letter

The ending of a word and a letter


La terminaison des mots

9 Jun 2022
15 May 2022


Prelude to words

This book is the collection of the testimony of the living in its integrity personality the moments of truth of passage from one space to another.

Word endings are arbitrary for each of us to move from one meaning to another.

We are the consensus of this program initiated by us invented by us in order to be able to flesh out each reason for wanting or knowing the fateful meaning of its resistance.

This book is the moment of the truth interview face to face with oneself. It informs us of the outline of the source of our problems in denial of its initial source. We come to a time when each of us was at the height of our bullshit.

This is the animal man's prelude to his human cause lacking spirit of understanding and sense of direction.

So this book invites you to return home that of our ancestors of our great chapters which we acknowledge receipt from the great author of this Kalam naming it YEMMA my experience my chapter not to be missed it is the interlude of its magnificence of his innumerable but so significant attributes at the sight of his Ten Fingers.

Do you understand the meaning of the Indian revolution two steps no three on horseback one no zero because their mount is the column of knowledge to make live and last in time.

Believe me, the line is long but oh so appetizing because rich in trace elements and varied in the earth's consciousness because it is diverse in its interior richness filled with home networks from everywhere together without being so.

It is the story of having to be so as the you is me me is you.

Do you understand how YEMMA came down from the bottom to appear from above to reconcile what we are where you are,


Let's enter his home and visit it and the chapters are written according to the time of man at his paternal source remember

Our parents the source of the correspondence to two and our children the three in one.

It's simple life just sit down and imagine for a second YEMMA speaks to you and here is the big upheaval and you fall to the ground and you scream it's not you but if it's true the voice of the correspondence of the words the translator of your internal connections of your why but you know because the doubt is gone it is the certainty of the improbable meeting of our conscience one the only real the only real song of the source our common.



14 May 2022


What is the book

It is a collection of unspoken silence parodies of spoken or unspoken words.

It is also the scroll of old age in the manner of

approve or not.

This establishes many non-suggestive but enticing ideas given the amount of words packed together alongside each other.

They represent the number of evils and their opposites in view of numerous amounts of symbols identified as word chaporenners.

On the other hand, the gaze carries in the expressions published as language or attitudes in the face of adversity specific moments experienced or heard.

Also we will say the superimposition of the sentences in their context and are sequences of ciphers spoken in the Ossati language or the language of the spoken double.

It is also to tell the present moment in the past and to make of it an inconclusive and at the same time indisputable discourse as a lived fact.


12 May 2022


This Story is a description of events and characters from different eras in the past present future. This book is a constantly spinning wheel that reads back and forth or back and forth like a palindrome with no beginning or end.

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